# Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) ## Obtaining it [Dmap][1] 1. **Why isn't [Dmap][1] also open for non researchers?** * Our decision to make [Dmap][1] freely available for researchers only is to help them in carrying out complex measurements and to allow them to spend more time on answering their research questions. Please contact us for more information about a commercial license if you would like to use Dmap for other purposes. 1. **Where is [Dmap][1]'s documentation?** * At its [GitHub Repository][2]. However, you'll need access to the the Github repository first (see question 3). 1. **How can I clone [Dmap][1]?** * First we need to send us a request. Fill the [following form][5] and you will receive an e-mail from us with instructions. 1. **Why do I need to use my university/research center e-mail address**? * It makes it easier for us to verify that you are researcher. In the end, we will use the Github account you provided to grant you access to the [Github repository][2]. ## Architecture/Usage 1. **Is [Dmap][1] a stand-alone application like `nmap` or `zmap`?** * No. It's a distributed RESTFul web application that you deploy either as a simple `jar` file on a single machine, or run on multiple machines in a cluster. See [our research paper][3] for more. 1. **Can I scan IP addresses with [Dmap][1]?** * No. It uses a domain name as its starting point. See [our research paper][3] for more. ## Requirements: 1. **What is the minimum setup do I need to run [Dmap][1]?** * You can run its components either distributed or on a single machine. The minimum configuration depends on how fast you want to crawl the domains (number of threads, number of crawlers active, cache size). A small VM should be suffice for most cases. If you are considering crawling million of domains, please consider a more robust scenario. In our setup, [we crawled 1 million domains/day][3], using a single virtual machine with 8x 1.4GHz CPU cores, with 32GB of RAM and a shared 1Gbps line, and 6 crawlers (no screenshots), with 300 crawler threads, and 50 classifier threads. Copyright (C) 2018 SIDN Labs [1]: index.html [2]: https://github.com/SIDN/dmap [3]: paper.pdf [5]: https://goo.gl/forms/RM09ZRPSyl2iblT22