# Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) ## Architecture/Usage 1. **Is [Dmap][1] a stand-alone application like `nmap` or `zmap`?** * No. It's a distributed RESTFul web application that you deploy either as a simple `jar` file on a single machine, or run on multiple machines in a cluster. See [our research paper][3] for more. 1. **Can I scan IP addresses with [Dmap][1]?** * No. It uses a domain name as its starting point. See [our research paper][3] for more. ## Requirements: 1. **What is the minimum setup do I need to run [Dmap][1]?** * You can run its components either distributed or on a single machine. The minimum configuration depends on how fast you want to crawl the domains (number of threads, number of crawlers active, cache size). A small VM should be suffice for most cases. If you are considering crawling million of domains, please consider a more robust scenario. In our setup, [we crawled 1 million domains/day][3], using a single virtual machine with 8x 1.4GHz CPU cores, with 32GB of RAM and a shared 1Gbps line, and 6 crawlers (no screenshots), with 300 crawler threads, and 50 classifier threads. Copyright (C) 2018 SIDN Labs [1]: index.html [3]: paper.pdf